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The ETIAS Spain Visa Waiver Explained

The ETIAS Spain is an electronic system which is used for people who want to enter Spain under the visa waiver system, from outside of the European Union. If you are a citizen of an eligible country, then as of 2020 you will be required to have an ETIAS Spain visa authorization to travel to Spain.

The system is being put in place to simplify travel to the country while still maintaining national security. In 2016 alone, Spain had 75 million visitors. It is difficult to ensure smooth transit while performing checks on every person who comes to the country. The ETIAS will make things easier because many of the checks can be done electronically before a traveler even boards a plane.

Applying for the ETIAS will be done online, with a nominal fee payable. The authorization will be valid for three years, or until the holder’s passport expires. During the validity period, the ETIAS can be used for multiple trips which makes it very convenient and great value for money.

The ETIAS will be required not just for Spain but for other countries in Europe. If you are planning a trip in the near future it is a good idea to confirm the current entry requirements for the country that you are going to well in advance so that you do not get caught out. The embassy for the country you are traveling to is a good starting point and will be able to help you understand what documentation you need for your journey.

The ETIAS application process is simple and should be completed quite quickly, but because it is valid for up to three years it makes sense to apply for it as soon as you start planning your trip, just in case there are any unexpected delays.