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How to Travel the UK on the Cheap

The UK is one of the most expensive countries in Europe — and if you’re planning a trip, you might be daunted by the cost of transportation within the UK.
But it is very possible to travel the UK for cheap!
Since settling in Chester, I’ve found a host of ways to save money on transportation. And all of them have one thing in common:

It doesn’t matter whether you’re traveling by train, bus, or air — booking early will nearly always save you money, and booking last minute will always be exponentially more expensive.
Now that that’s out of the way, here are some ways to save money on different kinds of UK transportation:

Cheap UK Train Travel

Train travel in the UK is incredibly romantic, and you can easily watch the scenery go by for hours — bright green hills, sheep, newly plowed fields, tiny villages…it’s my favorite way to travel the UK.

Most of the time, it’s also the easiest and fastest way to travel — though not the cheapest. I even take trains to airports, where one line goes direct to Manchester Airport as well as the Manchester airport parking.
If you’re not a UK resident and planning on traveling lots of long distances in the UK by train, look into a Britrail Pass. If you’re just booking occasional journeys, read on.

Check the Megatrain and Virgin Train sites first for absurdly cheap train routes. These two sites tend to promote the same routes.
Next, no matter which destination you choose, check out The Trainline’s Fare Finder — it will show you the cheapest tickets for various dates and times. Either way, booking on The Trainline is usually cheaper than other sites.
On all the aforementioned sites, you buy tickets online, then use the same credit card to retrieve your tickets at the station.

What to know: Be flexible on stations. I was looking for Chester-Edinburgh round-trip fares and couldn’t find anything for less than an astounding £150. Then I found out that there are cheap fares on Megatrain from Warrington Bank Quay to Glasgow, a short trip from Edinburgh. I had never heard of Warrington Bank Quay, but it’s only a few stops away from Chester!
I paid normal fares from Chester to Warrington and from Glasgow to Edinburgh — but from Warrington to Glasgow, the longest part of the journey, I found a super-cheap £9 fare.

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